Song : The Night VI : “Fears”

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French/English outfit The Night VI have been discussed on here a few occasions this past year. We thoroughly enjoyed their Still Thinking of You EP and have very high hopes going into next year for them. When not working on their recently completed covers project, they have been hard at work in the studio creating new tracks that, hopefully, we can expect to see on a full-length in the very near future. The first fruit of those labors is the heartbreaking and intimate song “Fears.”

According to singer Sophie Rose-Harper in speaking about the song with When the Gramophone Rings, the song “was written in 2 parts, with the verses written in the winter and the chorus in the summer. I felt I needed time to breath a little when working on it but when we revisited it in the summer it all started to make sense. It’s a song about giving up on something you have put all of your energy into but then like a lullaby it provides a voice or higher being in the chorus, speaking up and giving you a shake to remind you that only you can find your way back from loss or failing. Looking back I guess the seasons informed the changing positive and negative emotions I was feeling.”

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