MOKB Premiere : Strange Talk : “Falling In Love” (Chris Alarcon Remix)

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The last year plus has been a big year in Australian music with elctro-rock band Strange Talk being one of those breakout artists. This past year, the band released their debut LP, Cast Away, to solid buzz across the blogosphere. To have a little fun, back in September, the band reached out to fans asking for remixes of songs “Climbing Walls”, “Cast Away”, “Falling in Love” & “Eskimo Boy”, which comprise their self-titled EP. The selected winners receive a Soundcloud pro account, Cash, and a spot on a remix EP to come out digitally in January. Additionally, we can expect a new full-length from Strange Talk around spring/summer 2014.

Out of over 120 submissions, one of the chosen ones is Nashville’s Chris Alarcon and his remix of “Falling In Love.” According to the band, they liked how the reworking sounded “like a BIG Swedish style main room track” and how Alarcon “managed to make the verse really house with the piano.” Check it out below and check their Soundcloud for other great remixes.

  • Kim Cowan

    December 6, 2013 [ 12:03 am ]

    Good job, Christopher! I know your Mom and Dad are REALLY proud!

  • frankfrom_78

    December 7, 2013 [ 2:57 am ]

    Keep it coming! Chris Alarcon makes some great music

  • Ross CMR

    May 10, 2014 [ 6:32 pm ]

    This is a great remix. Maybe he could od another one of thier new song “Young Hearts”

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