MOKB Premiere : Broadcaster : “Magnetic Compass”

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From Long Island, New York comes Broadcaster, a grungey, noisey pop-punk band determined to win you over with their warm, fuzzy throwback to late 80’s college rock. Singer/guitarist Jesse’s Litwa’s voice has the ability to put you into three minute state of déjà vu with his dogged, sneering lyrics that feel so comfortingly familiar it’s the sonic equivalent to your dirtiest, threadbare, beloved pair of jeans. Litwa, along with bassist Tom Kelly and drummer Anthony Vito, have been oft-compared to the likes of Jawbreaker and Superchunk, but I’d be quick to add they also capture the late-night city grit of The Plimsouls with a hint of the back porch twang of Uncle Tupelo.

With that, MOKB is here to premiere “Magnetic Compass,” a song for the single series Wax Packs, a unique music collectors site that riffs on the fun of collecting baseball cards. The single comes on the heels of their new full-length A Million Hours recorded by J Dobbins on Jumpstart Records. Perhaps Broadcaster’s endless touring of late is responsible for the impassioned nostalgic edge in this catchy, modern punk nugget.

-Post by Miss Dolly Mod

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