MOKB Premiere : HeadShy : “Coma”

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HeadShy is a new project comprised of Reese Beeman and James Adkisson (former members of Austin psych band 7% Solution), Wayne Duncan and Lisa Lipkin. On January 14th, the band will be releasing an ambitious triple EP through Medicina Records titled La Belle Epoque (Head Chord, Heart Chord, Base Chord) based on the film Perfume with each part having its own unique feel and style.

The Head Chord has an acoustic quality, The Heart Chord has a trip hop quality and The Base Chord is bigger and more complex,” according to Lipkin. “It’s like climbing steps to a place you can’t see until you get to the top. If you use steps as an analogy of the songs, if you only climb the first step, you will have no concept of what the collection is as a whole. For instance, I change my voice to suit the song and the way I sing the first track sounds completely different from the rest of the tracks I sing lead on.”

To bring the concept full circle, the band will also release the triple EP as a specialized box set handmade by Beeman holding three perfume bottles containing a flash drive for each section. The first single is the melancholic “Coma” that appears on The Heart Chord EP. Ikey Owens, keyboardist from Mars Volta, appears on this track and it wouldn’t be too out of line to say you could draw some similarities between this song and his band. The track is beautifully subdued with the vocals providing menacing appeal. Stream and download it below.

  • Julie watson

    November 4, 2013 [ 8:39 pm ]

    Super duper music love it want more!!!

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