MOKB Premiere : Dramady : “I Wanna Be Good”

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Two seems to be the magic number for band size in 2013. Dramady are another who liked to keep their size tight and compact. Hailing from Portland and together since 2006, the band’s members are Amanda Mason Wiles playing bass and tenor saxophone and Zacery Quintin Stanley playing drums, keyboard and vocals. On November 12th, they will be releasing Answer Only to the Sea, their second full-length release via Cochon Records.

The entirety of the album was recorded at Arbor Lodge Studios in Portland by Pall Jenkins (Three Mile Pilot, The Black Heart Procession, Mr. Tube) this past spring. The first single is the body-swaying “I Wanna Be Good.” You will hear their full arsenal of instrumentation on this one and a song that would be a playful backdrop to a Saturday night drinking having drinks with your friends. It just has feel good melodies and some sax that reminds you of the E Street Band.

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