MOKB Premiere : Graham Colton : “Born To Raise Hell”

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Graham Colton is a veteran of the music scene with a career that has spanned over 10 years and seen the release of numerous EPs and albums. On January 21st, he will be releasing his latest collection titled Lonely Ones. Trying to shift away from the habits of his days on a major label, Colton connected with fellow Oklahoman Wayne Coyne. “Wayne loaned me some keyboards and told me to push buttons and songs would appear,” said Colton. “And they did! It’s amazing what happened when I put the guitar down.” The new LP was recorded at Blackwatch Studios in Norman, OK with producers/ bandmates Chad Copelin and Jarod Evans and an assist from Steven Drozd (Flaming Lips) to bring more layers and sounds into the fold. The result is an artist full coming into his own and exploring music with more than a voice and guitar.

The first single from Lonely Ones is the melodic and poppy “Born To Raise Hell.” It has sort of a playful tone with the “la-la-las” touches throughout and expansive instrumentation. In the addition the the new album, the song will appear on a tour only EP, Foreshadow. Stream it below.

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  • Charles

    December 26, 2013 [ 3:04 pm ]

    Graham Colton choosing to venture into the unknown and find himself says a lot. I firmly support him. Way to go Graham!! You have many fans cheering you on here in VA.

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