MOKB Exclusive Mix : Danger Village : Labor Day 2013

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Our PR pals over at Danger Village were lovely enough to thoughtfully put together and offer us their Labor Day 2013 mix to soundtrack our upcoming weekend. Spanning 12-tracks and approximately 45 minutes, the mix combines several different genres that will be perfect if you want to relax by the pool or shake your ass. You can find the full tracklist below along with some notes on each song from DV owner Beth Martinez.

On a sidenote, if you want to get familiar with some of the best up and coming artists, head over the the Danger Village website and check out their roster. It includes the likes of Say Lou Lou, Seapony, MØ, and so much more.

1. Sailor & I – “Tough Love”
I fell in love with Sailor & I the first time I heard this song a few months ago. I’m so impressed by how the strings tell the story while the message is driven home through the repetitive lyrics.
2. Banks – “Waiting Game” (Prod. by SOHN)
You may be aware of my obsession with SOHN and Banks from my inclusion of both in my February mix, so seeing their collaboration was like something culled from my dreams- and it does not disappoint. Their collaboration of emphatic melancholic emotion creates starbursts of magic.
3. Ofei – “London”Ofei combines pseudo gospel choruses with intense wailing vocals to create something a bit off-putting, which makes it all the more compelling. This song could be quite divisive, which often makes for the best music.
4. Pojke – “She Moves Through the Air”
I love the quirkiness of the various characters in this song held up by the extremely lush layering. It’s like a roller-coaster of joy pillow clouds bordered by little bouncing animals holding singing twisted lollipops.
5. Kill J – “Phoenix”
I don’t know how J makes that fluttery sound with her voice but man that’s a cool sound. I’d place money that you’ll be hearing a lot about Kill J in 2014.
6. Xenia Kriisin – “Firearms”
Like a firework with a long fuse, this song has a sloooooowwwwww build. But it’s worth it when it explodes.
7. Pale – “Too Much”
I love that this sounds like it could be a part of The Crying Game soundtrack.
8. Sam Smith – “Safe With Me”
Sam Smith saw a lot of attention after his guest vocals on Disclosure’s “Latch” last fall. It appears he’s now found some new people to team up with that produce an equally dominating sound.
9. Kite String Tangle – “Given the Chance”
This is pretty much along the lines of the music I’ve loved this year. Excellent and interesting production combined with melodies that instantly feel familiar makes for an end of summer hit jam.
10. Chloe Howl – “Rumor”
This song keeps coming up for me on Soundcloud discovery and then is stuck in my head all day. I love Chloe’s voice and the irresistible chorus.
11. John Newman – “Cheating”
This has to be one of the most gloriously joyful songs about cheating since “I Heard it Through the Grapevine”
12. Felix Snow – “This Pool Party Feels Like a Funeral”
Perfect song for the end of summer haunted pool parties you’re going to this Labor Day weekend and for the end of this mix. I hope everyone had a great summer; we’re looking forward to seeing you all this fall!

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