Song : Porcelain Raft : “Think of the Ocean”

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Mauro Remiddi, better known under the moniker Porcelain Raft, will be returning with a new LP, Permanent Signal, on August 20th via Secretly Canadian. This record is more organic than his excellent debut Strange Weekend with more use of tradition instrumentation and less electronic. According to Remiddi, he “wanted to record in the studio just to capture the guitars and drums properly, and to have some real input from musicians I respected and loved to hang with.” Some of the musicians appearing on the record are Yuck’s Jonny Rogoff on drums, Antlers’ bassist Darby Cicci (who also contributed double vocals and trumpet, and engineered the sessions in his Brooklyn studio), and cellist Gaspar Claus (collaborator with Sufjan Stevens and Bryce Dessner of The National).

The first reveal from the album is the hazy beauty “Think of the Ocean.” While the sounds on this song are expansive, it still is able to maintain an intimate feel to it. Remeddi is able to keep the listener right there with him in the midst of what feels like a tumultuous point in his life that is most obvious with the repeated line in the song “am I going insane.” If this is the opening track, we look forward to hear what the rest of the LP has in store. Find the stream below along with the trailer for the album.


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