Album : Songs: Molina : A Benefit Compilation for Jason Molina’s Survivors

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The death of Jason Molina was a hard one for anyone who came of age with Songs: Ohio or Magnolia Electric Company. It especially hit close to home given his connections to Secretly Canadian in my college town of Bloomington, IN and his death occurring in our home base of Indianapolis, IN. On a couple of occassions, I had the opportunity to bump into him outside shows. Each time, he was always so gracious and humble, even to a fanboy like me who might have let it slip that he had obtained a leaked version of an album of his well before its release.

Immediately after his passing, a facebook page named Songs: Molina popped up soliciting musicians for covers of Molina’s music or originals inspired by the life of him. The idea was to put together a compilation of songs submitted to sell with all proceeds going to help his family pay down some medical debt and other costs that came with his passing. The fruits of those efforts come in the form below. Download it here, let your friends know about it, and honor the masterful work Mr. Molina dedicated his life to in his too short of time on this planet.

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