Album : Case Studies : This Is Another Life

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Case Studies, a project-minded coterie conceived by Seattle’s Jesse Lortz, releases This Is Another Life, sophomore LP steeped in the style of raw, confessional songs we’ve come to expect from this alt-folk singer-songwriter. Laden with didactic, piano-based balladry in the vein of such luminaries as Leonard Cohen and Harry Nilsson, Lortz has lightened up a bit this time around, allowing a sliver of hope to shimmer through as opposed to his eminently dark 2011 LP The World Is Just A Shape To Fill The Night. Though still deeply immersed in tales of heartbreak, longing, loss and regret, This Is Another Life also allows for a wry sense of sentimentality, a playful tickling of the ivories and a tortured soul who dares to come up for a breath now and then; not so far gone as to seek a bit of comfort. This Is Another Life is both produced and engineered by Greg Ashley of Gris Gris who also pitches in on percussion, organ, vocals and guitar. Lortz is also helped out by Jon Parker, Oscar Michel, Joe Haener, Carey Lamprecht, Shawn Alplay and Marissa Nadler as a guest vocalist. The album drops June 11th on Sacred Bones. You can find a stream of it in its entirety below.

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