Sleep With One Eye Open : Mr. Gnome + Live on MOKB Blog Radio Session

Let’s be honest here: Cleveland gets a bad rap. There’s the depressing weather, the losing football team and the over-arching notion that there just ain’t much happening.

Now those first two — sure, true. But the third? Well, it’s hard to bash the city’s goings-on when a band as inventive as Mr. Gnome calls it home.

The guy-girl duo plays huge post-rock that whispers like a scared kid afraid of monsters one minute and explodes into the screaming demon that haunts him the next. Singer/guitarist Nicole Barille sings with a Bjorkian inflection — warbling lullabies, howling freakouts — while her just-plain-gigantic, screeching guitars sound like a brick wall crushing a pack of innocent schoolgirls as they cross the street. Drummer Sam Meister pounds his set like he’s about to steal its lunch money, then kick its ass anyway.

Why all the kiddie metaphors? Mr. Gnome play with all the manifested fear and wonder of childhood. The band’s second LP, last month’s Heave Yer Skeleton, could be the soundtrack to the most terrifying dream of your 8-year-old year, when monsters did live under your bed, when ghosts were set free as soon as the lights went off, when you were only moments away from being gobbled up by something hellish. These things happen to us adults, too. They’re often referred to as “That Acid Trip When I Freaked Out.”

[Ed. note: Keep this music away from easily-frightened children]

That said, Barille’s haunted pixie voice is one of the more unique in rock, and not easily forgotten. Especially in your dreams. – words by Justin Jacobs

MP3 : Mr. Gnome – Slow Side
MP3 : Mr. Gnome – Vampires

From The Laundromatinee/MOKB Blog Radio Vault…

Sadly, we get pretty backed up when it comes to the mastering of audio and the editing of video. Sometime, very long ago, Mr. Gnome visited It is still our hope to get the video from this session edited, but we’ve had some turnover with staff and it is hard to say if that will happen. We’ll try! Regardless, here is some pretty fantastic audio Mr. Gnome recorded with the Laundromatinee after the release of their 2008 album, Deliver This Creature

MP3 : Mr. Gnome – Night Of The Crickets (live on
MP3 : Mr. Gnome – Rabbit (live on
MP3 : Mr. Gnome – Unititled/New Song (live on
MP3 : Mr. Gnome – Tied (live on


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