Kickstarter Spotlight : Musicians’ Desk Reference

We at MOKB are huge fans of music. Whether it is promoting artists on our blog or booking them for live show through MOKB Presents, we always want to do anything we can to help great music find a place with a larger audience. Throught the years, we have had the pleasure to come in contact with many individuals in the music industry that we consider a part of the MOKB family. One of those people is Brian Penick, who is a veteran of the Cincinnati music scene. For the last 2 years, Brian has been working with The Counter Rhythm Group offering assistance in areas such as record marketing, publicity and radio promotion to a broader demographic of artists than traditionally serviced. The Musicians’ Desk Reference was developed as a system that would offer guidelines and instructions to musicians on a larger scale while remaining customizable. So just like all great ideas, it was created out of need with thought to keep the cost low for musicians. We will let them explain the thoughts behind this idea in their own words. From the Kickstarter page:

The purpose of MUSICIANS’ DESK REFERENCE is to create a set of guidelines that define the unknown variables musicians inevitably face when dealing with the music business. The working model of the book organizes and chronologically displays a set of instructions that will help both those who are just starting their musical careers to established and experienced musicians working on their own progression.

Through a collection of constructed documentation, including templates, instructional guides, examples and video tutorials, MUSICIANS’ DESK REFERENCE offers a completely customizable experience for the user by highlighting several pertinent aspects of the music industry.

It is the belief of the author that through standardization of information and working models within the music business, musicians will have answers to the ever important questions of WHEN, WHY and most importantly HOW to progress within the modern music industry.

Right now, they are to a little over half of their goal of $20000 with 8 days remaining on the campaign. If you find this to be a worthwhile idea, head over to their page to donate, even if it is only a dollar. For music fans, it should always be a priority to keep this profession as viable as possible for the artists.

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