Album : Stevie Ray Vaughan : Texas Flood (30th Anniversary Edition)

There’s so much talk about how everything’s bigger in Texas – seems to be a tradition. Whether or not anyone in the capitol knows it, the state earned some serious bragging rights when two bands that stemmed from the Vaughan Family exploded out of Austin – the Fabulous Thunderbirds, in 1979, and T-Birds guitarist Jimmie Vaughan’s brother; Stevie Ray Vaughan, who emerged with Double Trouble in ’83. The T-Birds were more about jukebox-length songs; bringing retro strut back into the genre. Stevie Ray, who died in 1990, has inspired many with his delectable tones, lightning-fast guitar work, and all-around passion for the form.

SRV/Double Trouble’s debut, Texas Flood, was recently reissued; providing a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to dive in –  and adding a second disc, with nine live-from–Philadelphia tracks that were recorded in ’83. Much of the latter is as searing as this live track, one of my SRV faves, “I’m Leaving You”. I like the way he throws in a few bars from Juke Boy Bonner’s “Runnin’ Shoes” (also covered with aplomb by the T-Birds, on What’s The Word), at the end:

“I’m Leaving You” is on SRV’s Live Alive, btw.

I can only imagine what conversations were like around the Vaughan supper table.  While I ponder that, you might want to check the Texas Flood reissue, over at the Legacy site.

Post by Mary Leary

  • Johnny

    February 6, 2013 [ 11:30 am ]

    Pretty sure Austin knows it since there’s a giant SRV statue at Town Lake.

  • Mary

    February 6, 2013 [ 4:47 pm ]

    Thanks – as Lyle Lovett says, “never been to Texas.” Which I imagine some Texan will correct if I quoted wrong :)

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