EP : Y La Bamba : Oh February

Following both their 2010 soul-stirring debut LP Lupon and last year’s critically adored, Steve Berlin produced Court The Storm LP, Portland Oregon’s Y La Bamba now offers up the breathtaking EP Oh February just in time for…well, February. Produced by The Decemberist’s Chris Funk, this six song record feels as rich and loaded as a full-length with its compellingly warped, old-timey radio crackle and pop. Lead singer-songwriter Luzelena Mendoza’s whispery warble verbally weaves a patchwork quilt of songs full of surreal landscapes and vivid imagery amongst the rollicking percussion that drives this album along. From spookily somber to soaring heights of resounding joy, Y La Bamba takes rootsy, indie rock and spins it into a poetic, Latin-folk hootenanny of epic beauty. Oh February is out now on Tender Loving Empire while the band is on the road with The Lumineers. You can stream the entire EP here.

MP3: Y La Bamba – Oh February

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