MOKB Premiere : Low Culture : “Pills”

I realize it’s only the second week of January 2013, but I think I’ve just found my album of the year. Sure, sure, we’ve got eleven and a half months of new releases to check out, but I’ll be damned if come this December, Low Culture’s Screens isn’t at the top of my Greatest Albums of 2013 list.  Just listen to the first few seconds of their single Pills and tell me if you don’t feel the same. Fans of Soul Asylum’s Hang Time, Husker Du’s Flip Your Wig and The Plimsoul’s Everywhere At Once are going instantly recognize a kindred spirit in Low Culture’s sound, yet there’s no retro revivalism going on here. It’s just a vibe you feel when a band’s superior pop craftsmanship and poignant songwriting shines through their effortless whiplash punk. Add a sun-drenched, skate-punk effervesce to all those aforementioned albums and you’ve got Screens, a timeless sounding punk pop gem. Although frontman Chris Mason (Shang-a-Lang/Marked Men) and gang hail from Las Cruces, New Mexico, they’ve definitely captured a luminous So-Cal patina of boardwalks, beaches and the street punk kids that live there, who by virtue of geography, are always having more fun than you are.

That said, MOKB is proud to debut the single Pills off Low Culture’s Screens, out now on Portland Oregon’s Dirtnap Records. If you love this song, I’m here to tell, the entire album is this good.  And for those of you in colder climes, it’s a necessary shot of happy punk-pop Vitamin C to carry you through to spring.

MP3: Low Culture -“Pills”

-Post by Miss Dolly Mod

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