Under The Radar : Light Pollution

Over the last couple years, Chicago’s Light Pollution has shared bills with all manner of all-star indie band, yet I just found out about them last week. They seem to be quite chameleon-like (“a kaliedascope of sound” has also been used to describe them). More recently, their lo-fi, psych-pop-infused, layered and occasionally distorted instrumentation and vocals could fit in with contemporaries such as Grizzly Bear or a scaled-back Polyphonic Spree (Witchcraft), but other times they might compare closer to a Castanets or maybe a mangled Sufjan Stevens (Reflection)….

MP3 : Light Pollution – Witchcraft
MP3 : Light Pollution – Reflection


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  • Josh Caldwell

    August 8, 2009 [ 12:35 am ]

    I seen Light Pollution last year when they opened for David Bazan out of all people, it was up at Taylor Universityanother interesting fact is Bojan the owner of Noise Problem Booking (Anni Rossi / Unwed Sailor / Bound Stems / Database / Theives Like Us) – plays in the band

  • george

    August 8, 2009 [ 6:13 am ]

    Actually, Bojan and some other members left the band this spring. Since then Matt and Jim moved to Chicago and started over. I saw the new line up at Bottom Lounge in Chicago when the opened for Octopus Project. It was the best I have ever heard them…They played mostly new songs too.I cant believe they used to be a folk rock band?This new ambient distorted synth rock light pollution is so good.

  • Josh Caldwell

    August 9, 2009 [ 2:51 am ]

    Ah, i didnt know Bojan left the band, I havent talked with him in a long while. When I seen them with David Bazan – the songs had real promise but the live set didnt sound so great.Hopefully Dodge will bring them through Indy sometime soon.

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