Song : Black Books : “White Noise”

We here at MOKB previously enthused over Austin’s Black Books debut EP An Introduction To… in Feb ’11 with their Texan spaced-out jam “The Big Idea”. Well here it is almost two years later and the Southern dream pop quintet is back with their second EP Aquarena. Based upon the evidence of their first single “White Noise”, they’ve honed and whittled their euphoric psych-pop with new fangs and focus this time around. Whereas in the past Black Books sound has been described as “sun-drenched,” with “White Noise” I definitely hear darker forces at play; say a late-night moody vibe more inspired by The Cure than a truly “sunny” psyched-out sound like their L.A. contemporaries the Allah-Las. There’s also more of a wearied Neil Young-ian edge in lead singer Ross Gilfillan’s lonesome howl this time around. What remains the same is Black Book’s immense hooks and soul-stirring orchestrations that sweep you into the cosmos with their inter-galactic beauty.

Due out this February 11th 2013 on Believe Recordings, Aquarena is an EP to anxiously anticipate. Until then, the single “White Noise” is magnificently mammoth in scope to tide you over.

-Post by Miss Dolly Mod

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    January 12, 2013 [ 11:41 pm ]

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