MOKB Premiere : The Shilohs : “Get Ready Now”

In this more flashy era of independent music, sometimes it is hard for a band to stick out doing some good ol’ rock music, but Vancouver’s The Shilohs are attempting to do just that. Their debut album, So Wild, is a collection of tracks that draw from decades past and is sonically light-years ahead of where a band should be this early in their journey. Bands such as Big Star and The Byrds influcences or a more current act like Wilco are heard throughout. You know with every track that this is a band that knows their history of music and pay attention to the most mundane details while crafting each song. The LP was recorded by the Dave Carswell (The New Pornographers, Destroyer, Apollo Ghosts) at the famous JC/DC studios in Vancouver.

The first single we are happy to be co-premiering with our friends at Pigeon and Planes and Beats Per Minute is the jangly and upbeat “Get Ready Now”. You will hear a lot of George Harrison is this cut. Their album, So Wild, will be available on February 5th via Light Organ Records.

  • FreddieMercury

    December 12, 2012 [ 2:18 am ]

    who’s the clown with the big mop of pubes strapped to his dome?

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