Video : Eli Mardock : “Cut Me Open”

One of the better albums of the 2000’s was Eagle Seagull’s self-titled 2005 release. After the band’s breakup in 2010, primary songwriter, Omaha’s Eli Mardock, started working on his own solo matierial that manifested itself in the NE Sorrow is Born EP, released earlier this year. The EP is more of a teaser to his debut solo LP Everything Happens for the First Time slated for release in the spring of 2013. One of EP highlights is the emotionally charged “Cut Me Open.” The video, directed by Erik Zavala, is beautifully shot and tells the story of a young family culminating with the boy running after his mother to, what appears to be, the location of where she drowned. It is quite the stirring clip. Watch it below.

  • Katie Elizabeth

    December 1, 2012 [ 5:36 pm ]

    I found out about Eli Mardock about 2 months ago and have completely fallen in love with him and his music. It is amazing. I adore this video too, simply beautiful.

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