Song : Your Youth : “What Smarts”

For just two lean-looking guys hailing from Brooklyn, Your Youth manage to make a helluva big fat juicy sound with their new punk ditty “What Smarts.” Although reminiscent in some aspects of the 90’s Cali snot-punk wave, there’s something a little too jovial in guitar/vocalist AJ Wolosenko and drummer Sean Adam’s delicious hooks to be branded as bratty. That and Wolosenko’s endearingly off-kilter vocals are so earnest they remind one a bit more of pre-grunge era J Mascis.

Your Youth has also figured out how to record a richly produced EP while somehow still sounding like a gritty basement band. Thrashing, melodic, raw and buoyant, “What Smarts” and the other four songs on their latest EP Battery, out now via Old Flame Records, show something else about the immense talent of these East Coast rockers…how to leave ‘em wanting more. Fans of Jay Reatard, The Wipers, the Black Lips and the Buzzcocks are sure to be stoked.

Your Youth – What Smarts

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