Song : EELS : “Peach Blossom”

Very few bands that came of age in the 90s have been able to navigate their musical journey to relevance in present day. The EELS, however, are not one of those bands. Mark Oliver Everett seems to move at the beat of his own drum and always come out sounding peachy, which leads us to the latest single “Peach Blossom.”

The cut has many of the signature whimsical EELS touches with a hard pounding beat. The song appears on their 15th album Wonderful, Glorious set for release on February 15th via Vagrant Records. The band is offering an immediate download of the track with a pre-order of the album.

  • Shaun

    November 12, 2012 [ 12:06 am ]

    Mark Oliver Everett is pure genius. When you’ve lived the life he has you either end up running ruin or putting those hellish experiences to some good use. Mr. Everett always does the latter….inspiring! Thanks for the post, I didn’t realize he had new tunes out.

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