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Since becoming affiliated with MOKB, I’m never more than a day or two from being completely overwhelmed by email. I’ll be honest, I get a lot of crap, but I try to make a point of listening to any and all submissions that come directly from musicians. It’s not that I have anything against reps; far from it, but my affinity for the underdog naturally draws me to musicians whose passion (or stubbornness) compels them forsake assistance, and slug it out in the music biz unaided.

Tonight, I rescued what I reckon is a loose diamond from amid the promises of penis enlargement and discount steroids in my Spam folder. Singer-songwriter Chris Hickey sniffed the big time with his band Show Of Hands back in the evil-80s, and has since cranked out a string of well-received solo records, as well as made cameo appearances on a handful of top shelf releases from the likes of Michael Penn and Joe Henry. For his latest, Razzmatazz, Hickey summoned the muses of low-fi accidents and general providence, composing and recording 16 skeletal songs on a digital voice recorder in the comfort of his South Pasadena bedroom. Razzmatazz will officially see the light of day on July 7th, but MOKB is pleased to serve up an early taste of the record with Kerouac, an understated, tongue-twisting paean to the unwitting and ill-equipped face of the “Beat Generation. “

MP3 : Chris Hickey – Kerouac


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