Ducktails Announce New Album, Share “The Flower Lane”

Real Estate guitarist Matthew Mondanile’s other musical outlet, Ducktails, announced a new album going by the name of The Flower Lane. It is slated for release on January 29th through Domino. The environment was much more collaborative during the recording of this album than past ones with the likes of New Jersey band Big Troubles, Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never), Joel Ford (Ford + Lopatin), Madeline Follin (Cults), and Sam Mehran (Outer Limitz), and others offering up contributions. The first taste of the new record is the late 70s, dare i say, almost Steely Dan sounding song that bears the same name as the album.

1. Ivy Covered House
2. The Flower Lane
3. Under Cover
4. Timothy Shy
5. Planet Phrom
6. Assistant Director
7. Sedan Magic
8. International Date Line
9. Letter Of Intent
10. Academy Avenue

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