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Sometimes, but very rarely, does a band come along where I think “they made this just for me!” based on my intense longing for new musicians with new albums filled with songs that sound like the music that I already love more than anything in this world. Because you can only listen to the stuff that’s been around for forty years so many times before you need more of it. Well for those of you also pining for moody, scratchy, surf-twang garage rock, I guess Allah-Las created their self-titled debut, out now via Innovation Leisure, for you as well.

The Los Angeles foursome Miles Michaud, Pedrum Siadatian, Matt Correia and Spencer Dunham have taken their affinity for gritty, lo-fi surfer music and added a splash of folk, rockabilly and pangs of unrequited teenage love to the mix, creating the perfect soundtrack to a hazy golden day filled with angsty nostalgia. Fans of The Seeds, The Troggs, The Count Five and Question Mark and the Mysterians will recognize that despite the overall sun-drenched, jangle of the guitars there’s a somber brooding in the crackling fuzz-tone, akin to ominous premonitions that sinister forces are lurking in the shadows; almost as if a sound could capture beach-blond innocence meets bad-boy biker.

MP3 : Allah-Las – Busman’s Holiday

“Catamaran” opens with the ideal ‘endless summer’ anthem complete with a rockin’ Hammond organ, but from there the overall noir-ish vibe and deliciously melancholic background harmonies permeate “Don’t You Forget It”, “No Voodoo”, “Seven Point Five”, “Catalina”, and “Long Journey”. “Vis-A-Vis” has a jingle-jangle Byrds feel, “Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind)” conjures early Stones-y R&B and “Ela Navega” evokes a latin-inspired surfy samba. A little something here for everyone – Allah-Las is definitely a band after this 60’s-dreamin’ surf’s up-searchin’ bad boy-lovin’ beach bunny’s heart. Check out the gorgeously filmed “Tell me (What’s On Your Mind)” video below and catch my drift.

-Post by Miss Dolly Mod

  • Mary

    October 10, 2012 [ 3:47 am ]

    I agree, Ms. Molly D. – love the lo-fi sound.

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