Album : Letting Up Despite Great Faults : Untogether

Already known for its heady cocktail of thumpity-thumps with strong melodies, Letting Up Despite Great Faults takes several leaps into the stratosphere with its new release, Untogether. Led by Mike Lee, the four-piece, which currently calls Austin, TX and Los Angeles home, has perfected its take on synth-based sounds born in the ‘80s. The album sandwiches moodier, slightly more contemplative fodder between gotta-dance tracks. “On Your Mark,” for instance, is just unabashedly romantic loveliness. The songs I like best combine both approaches, giving a girl an excuse to whirl ‘n’ twirl to delectable melodies, as with “”Breaking,” Scratch,” and “Take My Jacket, Pauline.”

LUDGF calls its sonic output “danceable dreampop,” which sounds to me like something on a stick, that gets licked. Okay, this is getting kinda naughty…

Untogetherwill be out on October 9th. Check it out, along with recent LUDGF news, at the band’s site and stream several of the songs comprising the LP at their Bandcamp.

MP3 : Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Visions

Post by Mary Leary

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