Video : Andre Williams : “Blame It On Obama”

That Andre Williams sure knows how to get attention. The literature accompanying Life, his upcoming album,  reports that 2009 included his first-ever drug/alcohol-free work. Which, for an R&B and “punk blues” vocalist who’s been on the planet since 1936, is saying something.  Williams’ credits include hits for Stevie Wonder and Ike and Tina Turner, writing for Parliament/Funkadelic, and recording for the infamous Chess Records.

If I had to back that kind of history up with new material, I’d crave a few stiff ones, myself.

Williams is known for unabashed, often down-and-dirty song topics (“Pig Snoots,” “Humpin’ Bumpin’ and Thumpin’,” “The Greasy Chicken”). A single release of his wry reflection on public criticism of the 44th U.S. president, “Blame It On Obama,” precedes Life.

Out on October 2nd through Alive Naturalsound Records, Life is packed with funky, old school blues.

Post by Mary Leary

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