Album : Détective : However Strange

Détective was originally envisioned as a studio project by former Guided by Voices member James Greer, with Guylaine Vivarat (Useless Keys, Tennis System).  Apparently the project’s taken flight beyond the studio.

I love the lo-fi feel of the band’s first full-length, However Strange. It takes me back to the excitement of the first bands I ever saw in someone’s basement, at long-ago parties. There’s an obvious commitment to making pretty rock – the guitar sound sometimes reminds me of the Feelies and the Velvet Underground. At moments, especially those when Vivarat does the lead warbling, Detective ascends to swoon-inducing heights, as is the case with “Mouchette.”

What seems likeliest to keep Détective in the spotlight is its dichotomous mix of melancholy with cheer – the music’s laid back while exciting.

Keep an eye out for Détective on a stage near you – the band’s touring with Guided by Voices in September. And However Strange is out now, as a cassette and digitally, via Burger Records. I’ll take fries with that cassette.

Post by Mary Leary

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