EP : Chris McFarland : Beauty and Undertow

Chris McFarland’s latest assemblage of “angry folk,” Beauty and Undertow makes flesh his dream of reuniting Rainer Maria; playing with him here for the first time since the band’s ’06 dissolution. It’s a powerful collaboration. Everyone – Kyle Fischer/guitar, Caithlin De Marrais/vocals, Bill Kuehn/drums is strong, playing as one organism. And  Kuehn’s slamming percussion makes him a strong MVP contender – I can’t imagine a rock-based musician who wouldn’t want him along for the ride.

The sounds on Beauty and Undertow are in their own world; one full of passion, melody, and, well, those momentous beats.

Beauty and Undertow will be out on August 21, via the End Up label. Also, you can track McFarland’s pending performances on his website.

MP3 : Chris McFarland – Wild Abandon

Post by Mary Leary

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