Song : Red Room Cinema : “We Raise Our Eyes Between the Walls of Glass and Steel”

“Uh… yeah!,” “Nice,” and “This GETS it” are among the utterances prompted by my first go-round with Red Room Cinema’s upcoming, all-instrumental album, Apsis.

A band can have all the technical acumen in the world. It can be charismatic, with loads of  friends and followers. A band can have all these things and still lack the feeling transmitted by RRC. Sweeping rises in energy; climactic outbursts, and quieter moments so touching, it feels like someone’s suddenly opened his heart. To achieve that last effect with semi-electronic dreamscapes strikes me as, also, rather special.

Inspired by the short stories of Italo Calvino, Apsis will be released on September 25 through New Granada.

MP3 : Red Room Cinema – We Raise Our Eyes Between the Walls of Glass and Steel

Post by Mary Leary

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