Yeasayer Streams Fragrant World Via Internet Scavenger Hunt

Yeasayer will be releasing their latest LP, Fragrant World, via Secretly Canadian on August 21st. To get ahead of the album being leaked to the world, the band put together a internet scavenger hunt with clues on where to find vignettes for each track being disseminated through the band’s and Secretly Canadian’s twitter accounts. All of the videos were created by Yoshi Sodeoka and will be up only until 8pm Eastern on Friday. You can find all of the clips below in the order of their appearance on the album along with the letter regarding the scavenger hunt from the band.

“Fingers Never Bleed”



“Blue Paper”

“Devil and the Deed”

“No Bones”

“Reagan’s Skeleton”

“Demon Road”

“Damaged Goods”

“Folk Hero Schtick”

“Glass of the Microscope”

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