MOKB Video Premiere : Jhameel : “A Maiden Calling”

MOKB has really appreciated the infectious tunes and DIY ethic from Oakland’s Jhameel. In his latest video for the song “A Maiden Calling”, he continues this ethos with it being created 100% in-house by the “Jhameel team”, who also are the same four guys that comprise his live band. The group “hoped to capture both the natural beauty of a Hayao Miyazaki film and the pulpy drive of a classic adventure flick” with the visual. As with all of Jhameel’s music, the song can be downloaded for free as a part of the Are You Free EP at his Soundcloud. Watch below.

MP3 : Jhameel – “A Maiden Calling”

  • Christian E

    August 1, 2012 [ 12:23 pm ]

    Loving this!

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