Album : River City Tanlines : Coast to Coast

Anyone who’s crying over having missed the Runaways may have a new dream queen in the eternally teenaged vocals and impassioned axe shredding of Alicja Trout. River City Tanlines is rounded out by the adhesive rhythms of Terrence Bishop/bass and John Bonds/drums – they’ve also accompanied R.L. Burnside, Jim Dandy/Black Oak Arkansas, and Jack Oblivian. Which says something about Trout, who’d be a rising star in a world more about all things rock ‘n’ roll. She’s still doing pretty well –  most notably, in 2009, as part of  MTV’s Five Dollar Cover series.

Coast to Coast opens with the loping bass lines of a Johnny Cash song. Any expectation of cowboy boots is rapidly extinguished by Trout’s querulous punk vocals: “I don’t get it, I don’t get it, I don’t get it – the way you are.” But RCTs are about more than punk rock – band likes to boogie. Rich, often distorted chords are repeated, fast or slow, for a varied enough song menu  — the punk pop of “Stop My Heart,” the Ramones/Dolls-flavored punk of “Can’t Stand You Anymore,” the almost-speed metal of “Dark Matter,” and the slow, circa-‘70s head-down boogie of “You Shot Me” —  to keep bodies bangin’ and gyratin’.

Coast to Coast is out now, on Big Legal Mess Records. To learn more about RCTs and get Coast to Coast, visit the BLM site here.

MP3 : River City Tanlines – Stop My Heart

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