Album : Koko Beware : Something About the Summer

As we head into the hotter part of the season (in most parts of the U.S., anyway), someone involved with Koko Beware’s full-length debut had the smart idea of dropping Something About the Summer, out August 7th. If the production weren’t pretty aggressively lo-fi, the sounds on this album could pass for a steamy-day hallucination. Ryan Beresch, Ashley Plocha, and Albert Omstead aren’t afraid of a little dissonance – in fact, they embrace vocal harmonies that sound just “off” enough to set them apart. Fans of La Sera, Hunx, Heavy Hawaii, and X are likely to respond to Koko Beware’s distorted surf chords, call-and-response vocals, and vaguely disaffected, teenage vibe.

MP3 : Koko Beware – Beach Babe

Post by Mary Leary

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