Song + Video : Freedom Fry : “Summer In The City”

Freedom Fry is the French & American duo of Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll. The story goes that the duo met when Marie worked as a stylist on a video for Driscoll’s other band, Blondfire. Entranced by Seyrat’s whispery voice, Driscoll asked her if she’d be interested in writing some songs together. Since then, the pair have recorded an EP and several songs together. They continue to write songs for their debut LP and have been releasing singles and videos leading up to its release, including the lovely track “Summer In The City”. The cut is a charming, simple slice of sun-soaked indie pop that you can find the download and video for below.

MP3 : Freedom Fry – Summer In The City

  • Eric

    October 1, 2012 [ 5:33 am ]

    Non seulement “Summer in the city” est particulièrement réussie mais l’ensemble des autres morceaux “earthkaque” , ” Bonnie & clyde”, “billy the kid” etc …. sont dans un style très FREEDOM FRY et très agréables à écouter !

    Bravo pour ce nouveau groupe

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