Video : Múm : Hvernig á að særa vini sína

At this point in July, just about everything else I’m culturally intaking is about freshness, warmth, and lightheartedness. But Mum’s latest release (actually, “a compilation of early recordings, rare music and forgotten songs from 1998-2000 or thereabouts”) has virtually wiped the new Beachwood Sparks album, which I was jumping up and down about a mere two weeks or so ago, from my experience banks.  Early Birds will make lots of sense in November and February: It’s contemplative, moody, depthy. The first video to accompany the album involves a ferocious attack on an abandoned, unarmed, dorm-sized fridge, and examining some lost teeth; blood and all. Whoo-hoo!

All of which testifies to the power of this recording, which is so artfully ordered as to convince me it’s a body of elements (including the previously unreleased song for the video below, which made waves via placement in the Exploding Girl film) that was meant to be thrown into the same sandwich in the first place. Maybe it was.  Mum is kind of magical like that.

To get a physical (along with, of course, digital) copy of Early Birds, you can go over to the Morr Music. I’d feel remiss if I didn’t also guide you to the band’s cyber home, which currently features handpainted t-shirts by Örvar from Múm and Sindri from Seabear, with a load of other goodies, some of them in unintelligible (at least to me) languages here.

Post by Mary Leary

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