Song : Female Demand : Paint My Brains with Your House

In these days when less is sometimes more, there’s something very appealing about just bass and drum. From the artist standpoint, it’s less crap to move and fewer slices you have to cut that pie up into. From the audience standpoint, you’re getting music at its most primal. Of course you have the mightiest of the duos, Om. And maybe the most innovative, Brick + Mortar. And now we need to make room for the new kids in the low end, Female Demand

Born in Texas, Female Demand up and relocated to the mean streets of Los Angeles to work with renown producer Manny Nieto (HEALTH, The Breeders, Los Lobos). The resulting Female Demand EP, along with tireless touring put them on the map. The band is back, hoping to expand their leaden reach with a new full-length, Outside the Universe. The record drops today, and we’re priming the pump with heavy-as-Gawd’s-balls lead single, Paint My Brains With Your House.

MP3 : Female Demand – Paint My Brains with Your House

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