MOKB Premiere : William Brittelle : Loving the Chambered Nautilus

Of the myriad of artists we’ve covered here at MOKB over the years, William Brittelle certainly numbers among the most ambitious. In fact, I would suggest that few artist have ever displayed such blantant disregard for the unwritten rules of pop music as Brittelle in his single Sheena Easton, from 2010’s Television Landscape. Refresh your memory of that track here.

Brittelle is back with a daring new piece called Loving the Chambered Nautilus. Produced specifically for ACME (American Contemporary Music Ensemble), the record, which arrives June 26th, finds Brittelle continuing to challenge our preconveived notions about pop music, further blurring the distinction between organic and inorganic sound, as well as high and low art. The title track falls as close to “pop” territory as Brittelle is likely to venture, and yet it takes several listens to truly appreciate its complex structure and arrangment. It’s also the only track on Loving the Chambered Nautilus to feature vocals, which incidentally come courtesy of man-about-town, Caleb Burhans (itsnotyouitsme, Escort, Alarm Will Sound, Signal, Wordless Music Orchestra).

We’re always happy to lend an ear when Brittelle’s people come calling, so we’re putting on our fancy pants and premiering Loving the Chambered Nautilus.

MP3 : William Brittelle – Loving the Chambered Nautilus

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