[Win This!] : The Beach Boys : Complete Official Discography

Everyone loves a comeback story, right? The one time champion, now down on his luck, scrapping his way back to the top. It’s a story we seem to never tire of hearing.

In the case of The Beach Boys one could argue that they simply never went away. That their odes to sweet waves, surfer girls and little deuce coupes speak just as loudly to today’s landlocked adolescents as they did half a century ago. However, you and I both know we’ve all put a lot of miles on the old odometer since Kokomo.

But the band is back and celebrating 50 years in the biz with a huge international tour and a new record, That’s Why God Made The Radio (paint your own album cover here), complete with the resplendent harmonies that made the band the toast of the world all those summer nights ago.

Produced by musical mastermind Brian Wilson and evoking that classic Beach Boys sound, That’s Why God Made The Radio landed at #3 on last week’s Billboard chart, making it the band’s highest debut ever. Not bad for a band that’s been recording music since 1961.

Of course, one cannot even begin to describe the influence that The Beach Boys have had on popular music, but it’s probably safe to say that your favorite artist probably has a copy of Pet Sounds (1966), Smile (1966/67) or at least Endless Summer (1974) sitting in their music library.

MOKB/Beach Boys Complete Discography Giveaway: One lucky MOKB follower is going to land themselves a pretty damn sweet prize: The Complete Official Beach Boys Discography. And it’s easy-peazy to get registered to win. Simply LIKE the new MOKB page on Facebook and tell us your favorite Beach Boys song by Friday, June 22nd. The winner will be chosen at random, so good luck. And in case you think this contest isn’t worth your time or effort, here’s the complete list of titles you’ll be vying for:

Friends 20/20
Good Vibrations
Party/Stack O Tracks
Live in London
Smiley Smile
Surfer Girl
Little Deuce Coupe
Surfin Safari
Pet Sounds
Carl & The Passions
Warmth Of the Sun
15 Big Ones
In Concert
Endless Harmony
Greatest Hits 3/Brother Years
Pet Sounds Sessions
Merry Christmas
Sounds of Summer
Smile Sessions

  • Chuck

    June 18, 2012 [ 9:22 am ]

    What an incredible set this would be to win. If only it had the beach boys episode on Full House. Then it would be truly complete.

  • Sara C

    June 18, 2012 [ 10:19 am ]

    Would love to share this discography with my mom! My favorite Beach Boys song is “Wouldn’t it be nice,” because the lyrics apply to basically anything in life that you’re wishing or hoping for but may not have the courage to tackle yet. Although “Wild Honey” is also good because it’s more experimental than their regular hits.

  • Sam

    June 18, 2012 [ 10:28 am ]

    I Know There’s An Answer

  • baconfat

    June 18, 2012 [ 2:17 pm ]

    where are MIU and LA/Light Album?

  • albatoss

    July 20, 2013 [ 11:42 am ]

    How is this the complete discography? It’s missing a TON of albums.

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