Album : Ami Saraiya & The Outcome : Soundproof Box

Soundproof Box begins with a sort of cinematic sweep. I’m starting to groan; fearing another artist anxious to demonstrate how “epic” she or he can sound. I haven’t yet realized I’m in the presence of greatness. The breathing, sometimes tension-filled rhythms (which are often based around an accordion); the cabaret mood – with flashes and dashes of eccentricity – you might not think that would add up to “Music I don’t want to live without,” and “My life will be just a little bit better, now that I know about Ami Saraiya and the Outcome.” And that’s just my reaction to the opener, which has a title I’m pretty confident hasn’t been overused (if it’s ever been used before): “I’m Pregnant.”

MP3 : Ami Saraiya and The Outcome – I’m Pregnant

Imagine things you like about The Do, Coco Rosie, and Mark Berube (and, for entrenched aficianados of quirky folk, The McGarrigle Sisters). Inject a few teaspoons of Spirit and a hint of Sgt. Pepper-era Beatle-delia. You still wouldn’t have a handle on Saraiya’s idiosyncratic sonic art. I guess you just have to experience it:

Before recording her own music, Saraiya participated in Chicago-based pop collective Radiant Darling and played with Pelvic Delta. Soundproof Box is her second solo outing, although it’s still fueled with plenty of collective energy. It can be obtained on her site:

Ami Saraiya on Tour
06.27 • Ace Bar (Chicago, IL)
06.30 • Anna Lee (Madison, WI)
07.17 • Neutral Ground (New Orleans, LA)
07.18 • The Jenner House (Houston, TX)
07.21 • Maxine’s (Hot Springs, AR)
08.09 • Schubas (Chicago, IL)

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