New Band Smell : The Broken Needles

The About section of The Broken Needle’s website is, shall we say, succinct.

The Broken Needles are a rock & roll band from North Queensland, Australia.
They don’t suffer fools, are easily annoyed, and don’t have a sense of humour.
Please leave them be.

Problem is, in this day and age, one does not simply get to drop a juicy bit skew-eyed country like Cheap Gin with a horn line that’d bring a tear to ol’ Bacharach’s eye and simply divorce yourself from it. No, inquiries must be made and blame placed firmly on the heads of the culprits, even if they do reside in the southern hemisphere.

So you will excuse me if I spend the remainder of the afternoon familiarizing myself with the dusty grooves of the band’s long-rumored debut, Terra Nullius, The record, which was mastered by Chicago maestro Casey Rice (Liz Phair, Tortoise, Dirty Three, Gastr Del Soul) is finally available in fine record stores internationally, as well as on that iTunes thingamabob.

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