Video : Phoebe Jean and the Air Force: Day Is Gone

When you review a lot of music, you can get kind of numb: like, “Here’s more of this sound… zzzzz… and that sound, again… zzzzzzzz…” Not that that ever happens to this reviewer. But if it did, I’d thank the stars above for Phoebe Jean and the Air Force.  The other night, first time I gave Heartbreakers a spin, I sat up straight for the first time in hours of new releases. “Wow!” I thought, “This feels like someone who’s taken what the Slits, Raincoats and Tom Tom Club did to a new level.” I was even more impressed to learn that Jean makes all these sounds by herself (you could say she’s a one-woman air force). It’s innovative, soulful, hip-shakeable stuff that could, basically, be called club music. But there’s no way I want to force PJ out of the sky of possibilities she’s exploring and, at times, creating. I’m also stoked that the video for “Day is Gone” was filmed in Jean’s birthplace, Baltimore, a city that can use as much creative activity as possible, and which is very close to my heart. The video shows Jean with a group of kids who throw down more than a few cool moves.

Heartbreakers is out now in Europe and will be released officially in the U.S.on June 12, on Lentonia Records:

Post by Mary Leary

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