EP Review : With Lions : Equipo

Can you say that listening to a band (in this case, With Lions) feels like eating a scoop of rich chocolate ice cream? Well, I just did. Rich tenor harmonies, dusk-blue piano notes, and the shifting sands of brushes wielded by the percussionist: “Fortress,” one of Christian Celaya and Woody Ranere’s softer tracks, is rather sumptuous. But whether the duo’s creating cinematic soundscapes (“What Do You Want?;” the title tune) or creating material for a dusky daydream, it’s all about sonic paintings full of color and texture. Based in New York City, With Lions has been generating enough steam to release its own material – which is handy, given the band’s commitment to putting out four EPs per year. The latest, Equipo, can be accessed on its site: www.withlions.com

Post by Mary Leary

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