Exclusive Stream : Daydream Vacation : Dare Seize The Fire

Daydream Vacation is a kitchen sink project consisting of Asya (of Smoosh) on vocals and Dave (of Head Like A Kite) as mad mixologist. These crazy kids will self-release their debut, Dare Seize The Fire, on June 19th, but like always, MOKB is looking out for a brother (or sister).

But first, a little background information. This project germinated when Asya was invited to do guest vocals on the newest HLAK record. The two hit it off, as the kids say, and decided to formalize their working relationship. Hence, Daydream Vacation was born, combining HLAK’s dancepop chocolate with Asya’s ethereal dreampop peanut butter. The final product is pert near irresistible; four-minute paeans to positivity that absolutely demand you shake your ass.

Which brings us back to Dare Seize The Fire. Though the official release date over a week off, MOKB is happy to be jumpstarting your week with the exclusive stream of the album.

  • Swilll Swazzisuss

    June 13, 2012 [ 10:15 am ]


  • Jaker

    June 13, 2012 [ 4:05 pm ]

    She’s twenty, I wonder if he’s tappin’ that.

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