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Once upon a time…or maybe twice, there was a young sprog who happened to see a television commercial for a brightly-colored and magical bit of animation called Yellow Submarine. The child was fascinated, and determined to learn more about this fantastic machine and its intriguing inhabitants, but his parents denied him. “Your little mind will be blown,” they assured him. But the child persisted, and eventually he reached a compromise with his mother and father. He would be allowed to watch Yellow Submarine, but on an old 9-inch black and white set in the spare bedroom. “It’s for your own good,” they assured him.

So, when the designated evening arrived, the child hunkered down in font of that ancient television and experienced Yellow Submarine in approximately 256 various shades of grey.

Yes, people, that lad was me. And while my mind wasn’t blown by my encounter with the strangely noirish Yellow Submarine, it wasn’t until many years later that I discovered why the Blue Meanies were so called.

If you’ve not been exposed to The Beatles’ 1968 classic, I will spare you the synopsis here, as it would likely do more harm than good. Suffice to say you get good guys, bad guys, trippy animation, cartoon violence, bad puns and more feel-good universal themes than you can shake a stick at. Of course, you also get a boatload of great music courtesy of those four lads from Liverpool, whom I just discovered, thanks to the special features of the Blue-Ray release, did not even voice their own characters for the film.

Fun fact: An actor named Peter Batten voiced George Harrison for the first half of the film, but he was arrested when he was discovered to be a deserter from the British Army, and his lines were finished by actor Paul Angelis, who also provided the voice of Ringo Starr.

Like many other things from the 60s, Yellow Submarine probably raises more questions than it answers: Why did the Blue Meanies hate music? Was Jeremy Hillary Boob Ph.D. simply trying to avoid the draft? What happens to Young Fred in the last third of the film? Maybe I’m overthinking it. This is Yellow Submarine, after all, and not Citizen Kane.

Not surpsingly, the Blu-Ray edition of Yellow Submarine looks and sounds great. The Apple Bonkers, Butterfly Stompers, Countdown Clowns, Snapping Turks and The Dreadful Flying Glove all practically leap from the screen into the lap of the viewer. The dialog is crisp (and loud) and the fidelity of the songs likely surpasses that of much of your music collection.

I also feel compelled to mention that I’ve never come across a DVD or Blu-Ray that offers subtitles in so many languages.

And of course, being a top-shelf Blu-Ray release, Yellow Submarine offers a slew of special features sure to tickle fans pink, including:

  • the Mod Odyssey documentary
  • the original theatrical trailer
  • multiple storyboard sequences
  • interviews with select actors and creative staff
  • original pencil drawings
  • behind-the-scene photos

Basically, everything even the most casual Beatles fan could need for a mind-blowing evening at home. Just add your mood-altering substance of choice.

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