Video : Haroula Rose : So Easy

Haroula Rose’s voice has the dreamy softness of Francoise Hardy’s or Claudine Longet’s – an observation that may be useless to anyone other than early-to-mid-‘60s sound junkies. It’s a perfect match with Rose’s clear affinity for the pop that ruled airwaves and film soundtracks over 40 years ago. Opening her latest EP, So Easy, her cover of Francoise Hardy’s “Only Friends” joins Rose’s silky narrative with juicy guitar notes that could have emanated from a Peter and Gordon cut. And, partly thanks to the work of Jonathan Flaugher, Jason Orme, Matt Lucich, and Erik Hatchett, the title song is full of the warm bounce associated with the Beatles circa Revolver.

Rose is one busy chanteuse – she just put out a full-length in February; another’s on the way. Keep up with her here:

Post by Mary Leary

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