New Band Smell : Hanetration

Back in the day on MOKB, we used to have a column called Two For Flinching where we shared more, shall we say, challenging music. Ambient, free jazz, drone, experimental, black metal; it was all fair game, but the only catch was we needed two artists per column.

I’d love to bring back Two For Flinching, but where has the challenging music gone?

Today we have Hanetration, an artist who’s electronic drones are perfect for TFF, but since we have no one to partner him/them with, Hanetration is getting a NBS piece. If drone floats yer boat, head over to Hanetration’s bandcamp page and download the impressively dense Tenth Oar EP for free. Rex is the lead track, but you know, with drone, tracks are sort of relative.

MP3 : Hanetration – Rex

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