Video : UMA : Drop Your Soul (feat. Silver Apples)

Time to become one with yer inner dada (or mama, if that be the case). Berlin’s UMA are a husband and wife duo who have taken to experimental avant-garde electronic pop the way that most married couples take to book clubs or constant knitpicking. Their debut Drop Your Soul EP drops mid-summer (get it July 30th from the fine folks at Enraptured Records), and not to pull a Pavlov on you, but boasts cameos from the legendary and unber-inluential Silver Apples, as well as Japanese field recording artist, Yosi Horikawa

If the Drop Your Soul single is any indication, this might be the most accomplished debut we’ve heard in eons, and something of interest for fans of artists ranging from Lykke Li to Anika to (cheekily) Flight of the Conchords. As far as the video for Drop Your Soul, well, you’re on your own.

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