Under The Radar : Artists and Albums To Look Forward To In 2009 : The 757s

Seems like only yesterday I was singing the praises of The 757s’ debut, Tell The Pilgrims It’s A Potluck, but I’ll be damned if that isn’t ancient history. Truth be told, there are only two acts in the Twin Cities I’m really jonsing for new material from: The 757s and P.O.S. Details on the latter are few and far between, but I’m working my sources. I can tell you quite a bit more about the new one from The 757s.

Gaggle of new songs. Check.

Scorched earth live show. Check.

Cover art by John Alspach at Shiny Robot. Check.

Seems like all that’s left to do is slap a release date on this bad boy, but therein lies the rub. Our friends in The 757s are caught in a game of label roulette. I realize that I’m running the risk of becoming a modern day Soupy Sales, but if anyone reading this is employed by a wealthy douchebag and isn’t above skimming a little off the top, I don’t want to discourage you from helping to get this record into the racks.

After much pleading, and a few threats of grievous bodily harm, the guys were good enough to share a couple rough demos; fruits of their recent woodshedding. Grab these tunes now and maybe you won’t have to buy the reissue in ten years.

The 757s – Surely MacLaine (demo)
The 757s – Crash And Fade (demo)

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  • joe

    January 19, 2009 [ 5:05 pm ]

    Thanks for the demos! This album can’t come out soon enough.

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