New Band Smell : Little, Big

It’s just keyboards, bass guitar, vocals and drums. But Little, Big adds surprising twists to familiar instruments and structures, resulting in the kind of sound that tends to pull barflies from the pool room and around the corner; closer to the stage from which it’s emanating. Even the hipsters who don’t want to seem too easily taken in by anything are watching intently. Sure, their arms are folded,  and they’re hardly moving their bodies. But they’ve formed two solid lines pretty close to the stage; where they stand, stock still, watching (and making it hard for anyone who wants to go nuts to move around – you know the type).

I don’t need to have seen a Little, Big show (yet) to imagine a scenario that, for them, is highly likely. The duo has a pretty basic set-up. The magneticism’s in Dana Young’s innocently emotional delivery, Chuck Meyer’s inspired bass lines and peels, and a sense of reinventing the “Indie Pop” and new wave wheels.  Little, Big’s ingenuous attack, which combines passion with spontaneity, feels fresh as anything.

Heads-up, fans of Tina Peel, Suicide, Imperial Teen, and the B-52s: Little, Big is “making music to dance to in your most awesome pajamas.”

MP3 : Little, Big – When U Were Mine (Prince cover) [Two Prince covers in a row. Sometimes you just go with it.–Ed]

You can pick up a free song, and buy the debut album, Pins and Narwhals, which comes with a comic book, at Little, Big’s groovy site:

Post by Mary Leary

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