Song : The Ready Stance : Wrecking Ball

Ohio’s The Ready Stance makes that kind of timeless Midwestern roots rock that I cut my teeth on and of which I still can’t get enough. There’s just something about a jangly guitar and a sharp shiny hook. Nothing fancy here, kiddies. Just four guys in a room bashing out honest heartland rock; stuff that’ll stick to your bones like a bowl of oatmeal on a cold rustbelt morning.

Their debut platter is called Damndest and it immediately calls to mind a slew of other great bands, from unknowns to near legends, The Rainmakers to The Jayhawks. Let’s see how Counting Crowish lead single Wrecking Ball grabs ya.

MP3 : The Ready Stance – Wrecking Ball

  • Peter C.

    May 5, 2012 [ 10:27 am ]

    Glad to find this! I saw this band open for These United States outdoors last summer and they were mind-blowing live. This track sounds good, but they’re one of the most powerhouse live acts I’ve seen in years and hope they’ll be touring soon, but no tour news on their website; Anybody know?

  • Bob Andelman

    May 15, 2012 [ 2:52 pm ]

    Three live, acoustic songs performed by Kentucky rockers The Ready Stance exclusively on this video episode of Mr. Media. Great stuff from a hot new band!

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